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¿Dónde está el sombrero?


Here’s a slice of my life today:

My co-teacher for 6th period 8th grade Spanish was absent (yesterday and today), so things were a bit disheveled, although I did have the assistance of a substitute teacher.  It is important to note that my co-taught class takes place on the other side of the wall from “my” classroom, in my co-teachers room.

The class had earned 50 stars for positive behavior prior to Thanksgiving break, but in the holiday rush, we had not taken time to plan out their earned fiesta.  I realized today that we had better research and sign-up for recipes, being that the fiesta is to take place on Friday!  So, the substitute teacher and I took down the sombrero from atop the cupboard (where it is least distracting to middle school students), and put little slips of paper with the words “entrada” (appetizer), “comida” (main food), “postre” (dessert), and “bebida” (drink) written upon them inside the sombrero.  Upon entering, kids each selected a category and found a recipe, and the class went on…

But the sombrero, emptied of papelitos, didn’t make it back up to the top of the cupboard, and led to a typical middle school/sombrero silly incident.  To non-teachers, I’m sure this will sound like a simply ridiculous thing to gripe about.  But it is just one of those things I sometimes need to gripe about at the end of the day when I’ve spent my mastery (modern term for study hall:) searching for a sombrero!

A student, who we shall call Miguel, who wasn’t even in the above-mentioned class, apparently, for a reason that remains blurry to me, entered the room at the very moment of transition between classes when teachers are shuffling papers and students are changing rooms, and took off with the sombrero.  This wasn’t just any student.  It was the student with whom I spend the most time following through on behavioral issues, a student who is in my mastery and my 8th period Spanish class, in the next room over.

I don’t know if he had the sombrero when he checked in with me in mastery and asked to go to his locker– for all I know, I did that horrible answer-without-looking-up thing and didn’t notice– but a minute later, another teacher from down the hall came by to ask if it was my sombrero that Miguel was wearing in the hall.  I wasn’t sure if this was an accusation (no hats rule), a suggestion, or simply a verification.  I glanced up and saw that my sombrero was indeed sitting on top of my cupboard.  In any case, it turned out she had asked whose sombrero he was wearing, and asked him to take it off.  Of course, he lied and said he had permission to wear my sombrero, didn’t take it off, and continued on his merry way to his locker.  The teacher didn’t like that he had lied and ignored her, and asked me to send him to her upon return.  Okay.

Ten minutes later (looooooong walk to the locker and back), Miguel returned SIN SOMBRERO.  I asked him, “Where is the sombrero that you took from Miss L’s room?”  “Oh, I gave it to Jacob.”

I sent Miguel off to see the lied-to and ignored teacher down the hall, and called Jacob’s mastery.  “Do you have a sombrero that doesn’t belong to you?”  “Oh, Mrs. So-and-so has it.”  He was referring to the assistant principal.  “Why does she have it?”  Pause.  “I gave it to her.”  Great!  I saved my breath, thanked Jacob, and moved on with my day.  Note to self, retrieve sombrero after classes.

Jacob, who isn’t even a student of mine, came by at the end of mastery and presented me the sombrero.  I wondered how it came to be in his possession again, but decided it just wasn’t important enough to shower with any more attention.

After the last class of the day, I stopped by the office to check my mailbox.  The assistant principal called out to me from her office, “What’s the deal with this sombrero?”

Ahhhhhh, what is the deal?

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  1. 11/30/2010 6:22 pm

    I’ll bet that sombrero has stories to tell too! 😉

  2. Wanda Brown permalink
    12/06/2010 6:55 pm

    Oh my this piece brought me right back to my old middle school days!

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